Saturday, 5 January 2019

Hebbe Falls, Kemengundi - One Pristine Sight of Nature that has not been lost in the urge to improve tourism

There is enough material about Hebbe Falls in the net. The best thing about it is the authorities have preserved it pristine nature. No attempt has been made to lay all weather roads to the Falls and thus marring the nature. The ride is bumpy and only permitted through jeeps, and that is the best part of it. Wish all authorities show the resolve that the authorities here have shown to ensure that our forests, monuments, falls, etc are allowed to remain intact and not lost in making life comfortable for tourists. Let us allow the future generations to enjoy the raw beauty

The Rs.3200 we pay for the jeep of 8 people is a pittance. You get a good massage of your bones enroute thanks to the road which should remind you of the Lord of The Rings. Enjoy a few pictures I took. While you go there remember to wear shoes and thick socks, leeches are waiting to suck your blood physically while the civilised world does it outside literally. Be careful of the vipers, though nothing can be done about the ones in the form of relatives and friends


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