Friday, 12 March 2021

I am starting a restaurant with a new theme, any sponsors? Sarcasm Alert.

Theme based restaurants are running out of concepts. I have a novel idea named "Overnight Food."

The restaurant tag line can be:-
No fresh food available here
Food not older than two days is served here.

The old food is heated in the same vessel in which it was prepared. That will add authenticity to the overnight food served. The utensils will be shown on the payment of extra charges. 

One day old biryani will be at a premium. Two days old biryani will be served to the highest bidder. Similarly, uncovered overnight food and beverage also is the right of the highest bidder. 

To maintain hygiene, we clean the plates daily and the vessels on completion of the overnight food. However, the floors of the restaurant are wiped once in three days to maintain the aroma.

Please bring valid credit cards not elapsed ones. 


Brickbats or Boquets I accept them all, vent it out here!

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