Monday, 11 February 2008

Three poems for Valentine Day

Billion of stars may be waiting to twinkle in the radiance of your eyes!
Millions of words may want to intensify their meaning by describing yourpersona!
Lakhs of Ornaments may be wanting to enhance their charm by decoratingyour beauty!
Hundreds of eyes might want to bless their sights by feasting on your beauty!But only one Heart will beat for your well being always, that’s mine!Take Care, Until We Meet Again!
UR Missed AlwaysUr missed always, in all seasons and for all reasons!
In the harsh summer, the pleasantness of Your face and twirl of thosehairs, made my days cool!
In those dark monsoon days, the twinkle in Your eyes, brightened my days!
In those chilly wintry days, the liveliness of Your touch, kept me warm!
During those spells of anger, Your courage made me see reason!
In the depth of sorrow, Your soothing words and solace helped me stayafloat!In the spring of happiness, your radiance and vivacious smile made theoccasion extra special!
Ur missed always, in all seasons and for all reasons!******************************************************************
Why do I love you?

More than the beautiful face, it is the refreshing simile that it gives!
More than the twinkling eyes, it is the far-reaching vision that they are able to have!
More than the sweet voice, it is the sweet and heartfelt words that come out!More than your beauty, it is the compassionate heart in it!

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