Friday, 8 February 2008

A satire on the various classes of the Indian Society

Nothing serious just a poke at the various classes of the Indian Society including me

Bank Balance:- Get us a bank account first.
Frequent Question:- Will the roof above us hold tonight?
Funda of life:- No Money, No Worry
Likes/ Dislikes - Cant have any if they want to move up

Middle Class/ Upper Middle Class
Bank Balance - In the black till all the EMI Cheques come.
Frequent Questions - Too many. Where is the best discount sale? Why does it take so long to open a demat account?
Likes/Dislikes - again too many
Likes - Family Values & Riches (V contrasting na)
Dislikes - Immorality, Cheating and Poverty (again v contrasting)
No wonder they get stuck for their life trying to manage the contrasts

Rich Class
Bank Balance - Very limited. More in black, gold and land.
Frequent Question - Which is the next best Real Estate bet?
Funda of Life - Accumulate as much as you can, God knows for whom.
Likes- Dislike
Likes - Increase in grams of gold ownership and property papers
Dislikes - New Schemes of Government to unearth black money.

Ultra Rich
Bank Balance - Kisko patha? It never ends.
Frequent Question - Where's the party tonight?
Funda of life :- Have many cars, designer clothes and affairs
Likes-Dislike - You cant have any if you have to reach and stay here.

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