Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dont let human intelligence to be eclipsed

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August 1, 2008 happens to be solar eclipse. Modern Science has found that Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon temporarily comes between the sun and the earth. It is a beautiful celestial event known for its diamond ring effect. However, some sections of the population which refuse to grow up will be governed by superstition and scoff at those who will try to explain that it is pure science and does not occur because Rahu and Ketu two demons of Indian Mythology swallow the sun. Very shortly an Indian satellite Chandrayaan-1 is going to be launched to the moon and going by the track record of ISRO it can only be a grand success. These people cause pain not only to themselves but also to many unwilling family members. In addition, they have a liberal dose of doomsday predictions for those who don’t believe in their irrational ideas.
Another popular reason for not eating on the day of eclipse is as the sun rays were covered by the moon, the atmosphere becomes polluted. Therefore, for the whole day -- about 12 hours of the day time -- people observe fast and do not eat any food in the polluted atmosphere. I find this reason hilariously stupid on two accounts. One I don’t know what type of vessels were available when this stipulation was made but today you have vessels made of thermal ware, flasks, surgical steel, microwave ware, porcelain, food grade plastic, etc, etc. Dear Superstition Samarats, just have a look and decide whether these rays would affect food as much they used to during great great …..grandfather’s time. Secondly, not eating in a polluted atmosphere, this might have been applicable ages ago when the atmosphere was clean and free. Today, if we have to stop eating in a polluted atmosphere, we better be ready to die starving.

Lets learn to move ahead in life. These superstitions have no logic and an insult to human intelligence. It is better that they are consigned to the recycle bin and deleted for ever. Who is joining me for a cup of tea and samosa at the peak of solar eclipse?

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