Sunday, 27 July 2008

Balu is Taklu - its official

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It was happening over the last one year, I could see it, I tried every trick in the book to reverse the process but now I have to acknowledge that I am going bald. I used all the hair oils available in the market, changed my hair do but every day when I got off my bed or finished a hair bath realized that it was a case of “hair today, gone tomorrow”. Recently I had a haircut and realized that it was no use hiding the secret at the top. Even if I hide it is too obvious for all to see.
My mom used to tell me when I was young to oil the hairs but I did not listen. In the last year, I have used more hair oil than I have done for the last 36 summers. I should have listened to the well meaning advises of many of my friends not to apply hair dye when the hairs started going grey. I did not heed to their advice not to take too much tension.
“Losing hair” in Tamil is treated as nothing lost but ask a man who has lost his hairs he will tell you what it means. Already your face, graying hairs show off your age, add to this hair loss, you are a confirmed “UNCLE”. Life is going to change drastically for me. There are many things which I can no longer indulge in mainly flirting. Very soon my visits to the barber shop will become as uncommon as sensible business being done by our elected representatives. I have to face the ridicule of all the friends whom I have taunted for going bald. Shopkeepers will stare at me if I go to buy a pocket comb.

On the flip side, I had a hair style which mostly resembled of a person who has just got up from his bed. My hairs used to never stand in one position for a long time. Very soon I will be saving time to taking breaks from my work and blogging to comb my hair. When I go bald, I can grow the French Beard which would give me that villain look which I have always been yearning for. The phrase “tearing my hair” will become inapplicable for me. I can get the wise look without being one. The ayurvedic doctor will lose his monthly sale of two hair oils and “special” shampoo and I can invest the saved money in shares. These days shares are cheaper than rice and hair oil, you see.

Whatever it is I am going bald, that is the way of life. I am not giving up yet; I have gone for a really short hair cut to look young. I don’t believe in that philosophical adage “grey gracefully and bald boldly”. Whoever reads and first responds to this blog, will get all the unused quantities of hair oil and dye, I have with me. If there is a song “Singh is king” why can’t I write “Balu is Taklu”

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