Monday, 21 July 2008

Indian cricketers never retire in stlye and with grace

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In the past 4 years, cricket lovers across the world have been witness to the retirements of Steve Waugh, Warne, Mcgrath and Gilchrist. The entire stadium stood up to see off their heroes, the families were part of it and it was such a nostalgic event. All these cricketers announced their retirement when they got the whiff of their presence in the team being questioned. Warne, in fact went when people were asking why?

I have been following Indian cricket for the past two decades. Except Sunil Gavaskar no other Indian cricketer has had a graceful exit from the game. He did retire from test cricket in grand style with a classy 90 plus against Pakistan on an exploding Bangalore pitch. Even the great Kapil Dev had to be compelled to announce his retirement. The other legendary cricketers had to be dropped from the team and later they announced their retirement.

The famous five of Indian Cricket viz, Sachin, Kumble, Dravid, Saurav and VVS Lakshman are due for retirement in the near future. At some point of time they have to realize that they maybe blocking the way of many a talented youngsters. Somebody like Yuvraj and Kaif have waited ages to find a permanent place in the team. There may be a dip in the team’s performance once these legends call it a day but it will only be temporary. They have achieved enough in terms of fame and money. When the annals of cricket are written, these five legends will be in the top half of it. One can only hope these famous and celebrated cricketers do retire in a grand style and before the entire country starts asking when? Let the fans get a feel how it is to see a few legends retire.

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