Thursday, 17 July 2008

Taps to go dry in Bangalore - tips to tide over the crisis

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Taps are to go dry in Bangalore during the 3rd week of July 2008 due to shifting of the Cauvery water pipes. BWSSB has promised that the work would be completed in 4 days but knowing them we maybe in for a longer haul. Here are some practical and many absurd and ribald ways to tide over the water crisis in Bangalore:-
Be ready to shell out ridiculous amounts to the local tanker for getting un-potable water supply.
Use plantain leaves for having food and disposable glass for liquid consumption.
Bathe on alternate days. Use a lot of deos and talc to cover up your stink. A ribald method would be for spouses to shower together but then most of us have day jobs.
Washing cars and vehicles are a strict no. If you find anybody in the neighborhood doing so, stand with your family in front of the car and get a free splash.
Finish most of your liquid consumption in your office. Don’t forget to take home the mineral water bottles that you get at various meetings.
Stand on top of your house and scream at the top of your voice “God give me more water”. Unable to bear the shrill noise, your neighbors will fill your empty tanks.

Jokes apart, we are headed for serious water crisis world over in the near future. We are treating Global Warming less seriously than bread getting burnt in the toaster. India has one of the worst records for contamination of ground water. Added to this we are going for N-fuel reactors. Nobody knows what safety measures are going to be taken to prevent water contamination. People are informed only about how beneficial the N-deal but not on the safety measures. Who cares, all that matters is the word of one Prime Minister whose government is on its last legs. Just learn to tide over this and the coming scarcities of water in a lighter vein. We have leaders who are passionately committed to their egos rather than the impending crisis.

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