Monday, 14 July 2008

Spoken English knowledge, does it matter

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Spoken English coaching centers have sprung across the country. Spoken English Centers are akin to fairness creams, trying to make money out a societal inferiority complex. The question arises whether one really needs to speak English without any hindrance. I believe if you are an achiever in your chosen field, working knowledge of English (both written and oral) would be sufficient. Also there is no need for you to spend hell lot of money and effort in learning to speak English the way Englishmen speak. Have a look if you are in any of these categories you don’t require to speak fluent English:-

Politician – Lalooji does not speak very fluent English but he has transformed a sleeping giant like Indian Railways into a money spinner. Harvard guys wait for his appointment to know his management secrets.
Sportsman – Sehwag and Inzamam also suffer from the same handicap, but that does not make any difference when they hit the ball for a six. Flip side is when a bowler curses them in English, it falls on deaf ears.

Those were specific examples. Let us assume that you are a software engineer, as long as you can write efficient programs, it does not matter whether or not you posses fluency of English language. A mathematics or science teacher has to explain to his wards in simple terms how a particular result is arrived at and his English knowledge need not rival an English teacher’s. Nobody would mind taking advice from a stock broker who speaks broken English but frequently recommends a stock which gives an annual return of 30-40%.Same is the case with a surgeon, pilot, solider, civil engineer, grocer, etc.

The only people who definitely require a good knowledge of spoken and written English are secretaries, copy writers, clerks, English professors/teachers, BPO employees, News Readers and English journalist.

Thus, most of the jobs in the world can be executed efficiently as long you have the core skills and excellent English knowledge is only a cherry on the cake. There is no need for you to feel inferior, if you can’t speak fluent English. Most of the work in the outside world can be done through pre-printed forms. Just chill, knowing good English won’t make you owner of a company but possessing the right business acumen can.

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