Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Salaried Middle Class are the perfect sitting ducks

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Sitting duck as defined by the Oxford dictionary is “a person or thing with no protection against attack”. If you have to go by this definition, the sitting ducks of India are “the salaried middle class”.

We are the largest segment of the population but no political party considers us a constituency. We are spread across the country, occupations and can never get together to fight for our rights. We are considered ungrateful by the political parties and nobody takes up our cause. Farmers have their “Sons of the Soil” leaders to fight for, we don’t have say, “Sons of the toil” leaders.

We pay tax for every pie earned but there are no welfare schemes for us. We don’t file our tax returns, we get penalized but no action is taken against the black money hoarders. We pay all the municipal taxes but when it rains the roads get inundated and water flows into our houses. We are blamed for polluting the atmosphere with our vehicles but nobody provides us a good mass transport system.

We lose our jobs nobody provides us a livelihood. We commit suicide due to financial burden; it finds a mention in the crime beat of local newspapers and never becomes national news; no government comes forward to write off our loans. We keep our families small but no Government ensures affordable education and healthcare for us. Thanks to organized retail, we begin to get vegetables and provisions at cheaper rates, the dogmatic Left protests that traders and farmers are getting a raw deal. Our frenzy ensures that the cricketers get crazy amounts as endorsement fees but when we criticize their non-performance, we are labeled as “arm-chair” critics.

The Salaried Indian Middle Class is sadly the perfect sitting duck which can be found anywhere in the world. But then we are too mired in making our ends meet that we don’t have time to come together and demand for a better living. Remove our contribution; the economy will be sinking in a quicksand.

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