Monday, 4 August 2008

Most pathetic use of internet

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Internet is a free place. I think after the invention of wheel, this is the most revolutionary invention of mankind. You can use it anyway you like. You can use it to communicate with friend, conduct business, voice your opinions, spread your faith, etc. The most disgusting use of internet should be using it to spread superstition.

Time and again I have come across wonderfully worded emails ending with if you don’t forward it to so many people within this much of time, you will be cursed with bad luck for this many years. One more email such and such a god will bring you bad luck if you don’t forward this email so many people. In addition it contains vivid details of what good happened to those who forwarded these mails and disasters that occurred to those who did not.

My theist friends may please excuse, God is unable to instantly punish those who commit physical crimes, how can he do that to those who commit cyber lapses? He is the almighty and known to tolerate the transgressions of his devotees several times. So by practice he is compelled not to punish anybody instantaneously. How can he punish anybody with bad luck for several years for not forwarding an email? It is fun for most and ignored. There many a weak minds who panic on reading such emails and act haphazardly.

Using Internet to spread superstition is its most pathetic use. Earlier households used to get chain letters on such subjects. It seems the pathetic minds have an equally obdurate second generation which is bent upon creating a fear in the minds of people. There are good possibilities such guys are spammers and have inserted a worm alongwith the mail to get access to various email ids. I don’t believe in such stuff and give the kitchen sink (covered in velvet) to those who dare to forward me such mails and at times I have found out the source and given him/her a piece of mind. God and customs are a matter of personal choice. There is no harm in anybody forwarding a God picture even to an atheist like me but don’t put out such coercive messages which ultimately demeans the God you are supposed to be glorifying. Most importantly don’t use cyber space to foster your irrational thoughts.

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