Monday, 4 August 2008

Is formal dressing a corporate fuss

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I support formal dressing because it promotes certain amount of discipline and uniformity to the work place. Every office should have a dress code. I am from the Government service and at time feel disgusted with the way some of my colleagues dressing sense. Either some of them are in the perennial party mood (especially ladies) or some of them come in a clumsy way.

Having cleared my stand on formal dressing, I am equally disgusted with the parameters for formal dressing some of the companies have prescribed for their employees. Irrespective of the air conditioning inside the office, a three piece suit looks out of place in Indian weather conditions. I think a plain shirt (in acceptable colors) worn with a formal pant and black shoes does look as formal as a three piece suit worn with all the grandeur. I am yet to understand the practical reasons for wearing a tie. Somebody please educate me on the uses and need for a tie to be worn. Just imagine the plight of an employee with spondylitis required to wear a tie.

It looks as if formal dressing means aping the westerners. Yes, I do understand that we do business with them and have to look presentable in their eyes but that does not mean that we have to ape them. It is pitiable and disgusting to note that certain companies prescribe what constitutes a formal dress. It maybe argued that the employee has an option to quit a job which he is not comfortable but I am writing this blog in a free society and feel that an employee has a choice of dressing. Let the company define what does not constitute formal dress. I am not for attending a board meeting wearing a dhoti but at the same time don’t want offices to resemble schools. There is no dress code for me but I do ensure that I go to office in a dress which complements the organisation I represent and nature of job I do.

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