Thursday, 16 October 2008

Back to the future

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Today morning I woke up to the alarm from my mobile. It stuck to me two decades ago alarm meant from a huge winding clock. I just thought how meanings of various terms have changed/new ones added. Being a compulsive blogger, I thought of keying down some of them. Here are some of them:

Mobile Phone – would have been considered an oxymoron because lifting the good old ITI phone itself required a lot of muscle.

MP3- A third time Member of the Parliament or a telegram code for 3 MPs coming to a certain place?

Mineral Water – Some sort of hard water or one which is released from Mines or steel factories.

Laptop – as in the phrase “She is his laptop”

Desktop – the top of a Godrej office table.

Pen Drive – Right hand drive or left hand drive can be understood, how do you drive with a pen?

Bluetooth – Yellow tooth is what you get because of improper maintenance of your teeth, Bluetooth is possibly what you get by seeing excessive number of B*** films?

www – one of those lecherous graffiti written in the men’s toilet or near public phones.

Broadband – must be one of those terms used in yellow journals to describe a guy with a **** *****, u know what?

Blog – must be a short form for brain clog. People who are obsessed with blogs like me should be having one.

Prepaid – the only thing prepaid those days was movie, bus and train tickets.

Cookies – the ones you got in a bakery.

Virus – the one which came into your body if you are not careful with your food and other habits.

Directory – a book which contained names and telephone numbers.

IT – Income Tax Department

Presentation – one which you gave in glossy colored papers in weddings and birthdays.

PowerPoint – one which you connected your electrical appliances like Radio, TV or Iron Box to make them work.

Attachment – affection and fondness you had towards people or things.

DTH – Did That Happen?

Spam – Sp(iced H) am , tined meat product made from Ham

Wallpaper – the nondescript design sheets that used to be put up in restaurants.

Screensaver – The screen was meant to save you from the harshness of the weather outside, so this term made no sense

Paint brush – an implement used by the painter to spread the paint across the wall or door.

As in the case of my other blogs, this is a hastily written one without any in-depth research or conviction with the sole intention of increasing my blog counts. A lot of terms have been unnecessarily represented here only to prove my non-existent intelligence.

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