Monday, 20 October 2008

My experiences with a regional outfit

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I strongly believe that all commercial establishments have to display their boards in bi-lingual with the local language getting the prominence in font size.

There is a particular regional outfit in Bangalore which claims from the rooftop that it is committed to the cause of Kannada. They have in the recent past carried out many “intensive” protests in this regard. I noticed a commercial establishment near my house which did not have the “statutory” bi-lingual board. I wanted to lodge a complaint with this regional outfit and called them up. This is the conversation translated into English.

Me :- Hello, is this ********
Reply:- Yes
Me:- Sir, I am calling from ***********, there is a shop by name ********, they have not displayed their board in Kannada, If I give you the details or send the picture, will you be able to take action?
Reply:- We cannot act on telephone complaints, you have to come in person.
Me:- ok, sir, please give me your address.
Me:- ok, sir, I will come today evening and lodge a complaint with you.
Reply:- Don’t come alone, come with atleast 50 supporters and a few Tata Sumos. All of you have to join our organisation to take action on your complaint.
Me:- Ok, sir, I will try.

I hung up the phone.

Need I say more?

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