Saturday, 12 April 2014

Are You One Of Those Hypocrites Who Talks About Honesty In The System?

There is a new wave going across the country and it is of people talking about honesty in the system which is a good development. I don’t talk about honesty because I don’t know if I am honest. Are you one of those hypocrites who talks about honesty but belong to one of these categories:-
1.       Those who as a lobby pick up as a worthless penny stock rig its price and sell it when the suckers are in.
2.       Those who rig the weights and cheat their customers.
3.       Those who charge their customers exorbitantly.
4.       Those who sell counterfeit goods.
5.       Those who suck blood of the poor in the name of interest on loans.
6.       Those who steal electricity.
7.       Those who flout all the construction norms of a city and build houses/business establishments that encroach upon the footpath and public property.
8.       Those who buy a daily bus pass but don’t sign on it and try it to use it for their entire staff. (seen it happening in Bangalore, unless the conductor threatens to tear the daily pass they don’t sign on it)
9.       Those who try every trick in the book to avoid paying taxes.
10.   Those who try to negotiate with the traffic cops after being caught.
11.   Those who load a truck load of goods into a small carriage van and try to transport it.
12.   Those who remit money to and from India through hawala.
13.   Those who smuggle gold and precious stones to make that extra profit.
14.   Those who put profits in a business ahead of safety practices.
15.   Those who drink and drive.
16.   Those who break traffic rules without rhyme and reason.
17.   Those who misuse official machinery and power for personal gains.
18.   Those who enjoy fixed matches despite knowing their credibility.


  1. As longs as the list is, it is way too short. How the hypocrites tend to justify their tag cannot be fitted in a blog post!
    I play Freecell on office computer during office hours!
    Yet, a good effort.


  2. No, I don't belong to any of these ... Hope you believe there are good people as well :-).


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