Friday, 19 September 2014

Eateries I Liked The Most in Bangalore

Being a foodie to list 10 favorite eating places is difficult because you
don’t know which to leave but at the same time having sold your culinary
buds totally to Indian Food, the list will more like a menu of a
multi-cuisine Indian restaurant. I have randomly listed the eateries I
like in and around Bangalore with a mention of what I liked in those

1.      Bhagatram – Gulab Jamoon, Carrot Halwa and Chats. No where will you get
better Gulab Jamoons than here!

2.      Taj Hotel, Shivajinagar – Mutton Biryani and most of the mutton items.

3.      Nagarjuna, Residency Road – Full Meals and Chilli Chicken.

4.      Nilgiris, Brigade Road – Cakes and Puffs.

5.      Rice Bowl, Lavelle Road – Chinese Food (which is made only in India :D )

6.      Anachi – Chettinad food items esp Crab preparations.

7.      Anjappar – Chettinad food items and surprisingly Chicken Tikka.

8.      Shilpa Vegetarian, Shivajinagar – North Indian Meals.

9.      Vidayarthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazar – Masala Dosa

10.     Adyar Ananda Bhavan – Mini Tiffin (The cost is a steal!)

11.     Ullas Refreshment, MG Road – Vegetable Cutlet.

12.     Karthik Sweets, CMH Road – Chats.

13.     Sreeraj Lasi Bar, Shivajinagar – Kulfis, Milk Shakes and Juices.

14      KC Das -        Bengali Sweets.

15.     Berry d’Alive, Indiranagar  – Desserts.

16.     Hotel Janardhana, Ramnagara (enroute to Mysore) – Heavenly Mysore Pak.

17.     Rahams, Mosque Road – Mutton Biryani

18.     Siddique Kabab Centre, St. Johns Road – Kababs, Kababs and more Kababs

19.     Uphara Dharshini, DVG Road, NR Colony – Kadabu and Kesari Bath.

20.     Vasudev Adigas (across Bangalore) –  South Indian Vegetarian.

21.     Barbeque Nation, Indiranagar 100 ft Road – Great Buffet and can hog
till you drop dead.

        Here I should mention that Mutton Biryani in a Muslim Marriage is the
ultimate. The food variety in the yearly Ramzan Food Camp, Mosque Road is
out of earth. Food Street in VV Puram requires a special mention

All the above appear insignificant when compared to a simple Rice-Sambar
or for that matter any dish prepared at home.


  1. Drooling over this list!!

  2. Very informative post you have shared about restaurants
    Restaurants in bangalore


  3. Congragulations on a well thought-out and handpicked selection. Nice diversity including all the cuisine pics. A restaurant is explored only as much as its menu allows it to be. Check-out the comprehensive selection of menu's with really deep food selection.

  4. I apologize for the repeated submission. I mistook there was a problem with the submission process.


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