Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Few Simple Things That Make Me Happy

What would make me the happiest? Possibly, a million dollars in my account, or a customized trip to Europe, or a date with Asin.  Well those are the bigger things, if we keep looking only for them, we will lose the pleasure of life. Hence, we must find pleasure in the smaller things of life.

                I love to go for early morning walks, and the days on which it happens is far and few between. There are days on which it is difficult to get off the sofa after the morning tea and I draw immense pleasure on days when I am ready to drive to office by 8 a.m. Who loves to get stuck in traffic signals? Obviously none and the same is the case with me. There are three traffic signals on my ride to office and four on my ride back home which if I pass through without having to stop, I feel like I’m in heaven.
                I’m a foodie. The days when the office canteen dishes out delicious but simple lunch makes me happy. The days when my favourite snacks viz Masala Dosa and Kesari Bath appear in the canteen menu, I feel very happy. I’m a mutton biryani devotee and everytime I get to have it, I consider it a blessing. Blessing for having it, and also because I can continue to have. I hope this blessing lasts for life.
                There is nothing like read a good humorous book and especially a creation of PG Wodehouse. All those days, when I stick to the schedule of reading of one hour a day makes me happy. I’m more delighted when I am able to post a few funny lines on social media and make others happy. Also, the dual purpose of spreading the gospel of PGW is served. I have a fledging blog-page and once in a while update it. The days when I can update my page and get a decent number of views delight me a lot.

My mother is in her 80s and the days when I find her happy, feeling healthy and generally positive about life, it makes me very happy. Playing with my little nieces, the elder aged 6 and the younger aged 3 gets me refreshed. Getting into small fights with them and pretending to be badly beaten up by them is a pleasure which I cannot put a price on. Buying gifts for them whenever I go on tour and on returning home pretending that I had forgot all about them is a pleasant mischief I always do. They too have got a wind of it and don’t feel disappointed when I say `no gifts’. There a few friends on whom I meet once in a while and then there is interaction on social media with friends whom I’ve never met or expect to meet delights me a lot.
Ofcourse having a Coco Cola with dear and near ones gives the ultimate pleasure. /

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