Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Rant Of A Street Dog

 Life is fun being a street dog, little to worry for but a lot to complain about.  Unlike the dogs which live on the cozier side of a wall, we’re all weather dogs. We know how to miss the speeding vehicle while chasing a female dog or running from a male one; we can eat leftover food and survive; we never need to be taken for a walk. The saying `barking dogs seldom bite’ doesn’t apply to us, sir, be warned, we can bark without a break and bite like a rake. On the issue of crossing roads, human beings seem to have copied our technology.

We fail to understand why sex maniacs are referred to as a dog? Accepted, we mate in the open but it’s not as if we have sex for fun, money, lust, revenge and power. We mate only to reproduce. Have you ever heard of a male dog, waging a war for the sake of a female dog, whereas human history is full of such instances?  Don’t bark like a dog is the common refrain amongst human beings. We bark with a purpose and usually to protect human interests. I never know of a senior dog barking at a junior dog just because he or she could not finish his or her share of bone. Let alone barking, the senior dog would gladly lessen the junior’s difficulties.
 Can dogs predict death? No, as a matter of fact we can’t see our death coming, how can we see yours? Our howling is just to seek company. This does not mean we don’t know anything. We know which mother-in-law is putting extra salt into the sambar her daughter-in-law has prepared; which daughter-in-law is buying additional furniture or establishing an office-at-home to push her in-laws to an old age home; which husband is talking sweet nothings to the cutie in his office; which young girl, gets how much mobile recharge, from which young boy; which citizen is stealing power, and water; which young boy’s straight drive broke whose window, we know everything.  Nobody can understand how difficult it is to wag our tails to such diabolical individuals? We have to, for the sake of our stomach. Don’t give a man a fish, teach him to catch one say the human beings. Forget the men, teach us to how to catch a fish and cook it. Sir, we assure that a street dog wagging its tail to anybody will be a rare sight, rarer than a rainbow. Dog is a man’s best friend but not vice-versa.

Every dog has its day, they say. I don’t know what it means, but let me assure that our days and nights are better than what most human beings have. We’ve to pretend chasing a rat away from under the car and the man of the house becomes grateful to us. We’ve to feign sickness when really bad leftover food is served, and something delicious is bought from the bakery. If spice is the variety of life, a street dog can experience it for a life time, but what about a married human being?
I want to end for the time being by saying to Mr George Orwell that Animal Farm would have been a different story, if Snowball had once in a while come to us, patted on our backs and given us a piece or two of biscuits.


  1. Excellent; one of your very best.

  2. Good one! Liked the style of writing...

  3. Will I ever refer to another person as a Dog? No, never. Not after reading this. :)

  4. One of the best pieces of yours. Loved it.


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