Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Visit to Jaipur

I had been to Jaipur during 19-21 August, 2015 and stayed at Red Fox Hotel. For a three star hotel and being reasonably priced, it had all the amenities one could ask for. This hotel is just 3.5 km away from the Airport.

Don't go for the pre-paid taxi available at the Airport, they fleeced Rs.300 for a ride of 3.5 km whereas, on the return journey by Ola, I paid Rs.74. Ola in Jaipur  has a lot of issues and the drivers not  friendly like in Bengaluru. The auto drivers have their own rates, but you can easily bargain 30% lower than what they quote and get them to agree to it. Jaipur is known for its royalty edifices and there are numerous of them. I could only visit City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Ameer Fort, due to a paucity of time.

Clothes and Accessories are a must buy for small children and ladies. My suggestion is if you go to Jaipur, travel onward by flight and return journey by train, so that you can carry all the luggage without any restrictions, A few shopkeepers promise to ship your purchases but I somehow was not impressed by display of their shipping receipts only because I don't know what they actually shipped to the customers. Stick to all your shopping needs in Bapu Bazar.

If you have a sweet tooth, visit the 288-year-old LMB Sweets near Johari Bazar.

Enough of writing, now enjoy some pictures from the visit

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