Thursday, 6 April 2017

Time And Distance Problems Made Fun Of By PG Wodehouse In `The Small Bachelor'

Here is PG Wodehouse making fun of time and distance problems  in The Small Bachelor

                `Ah, but you don’t understand’, said Mr. Waddington hastily `When I say that the necklace is in the strong-room, mean that it is there just now. Eventually it will be taken out and placed among the other wedding-presents’
                `This begins to look more like it’
                `I can mention no names, of course…’
                `I don’t expect you to’
                `Then I will simply say that A, to whom the necklace belongs, is shortly about to be married to B’
                `I might have known it. Doing all those bridge problems together, they kind of got fond one another’
                `I have my reasons for thinking that the wedding will take place down at Hempstead on Long Island, where C, A’s stepmother, has her summer house’
                `Why? Why not in New York?’
                `Because’, said Mr Waddington simply ` I expressed a wish that it should take place in New York’
                `What have you go to do with it?’
                `I am D, C’s husband’

                `Oh, the fellow who could fill a tank with water in six hours fifteen minutes while C was filling another in five hour forty-five? Pleased to meet you’

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