Sunday, 17 June 2018

Bet You Cannot Miss This If You Are A Budding Writer Of Romance.

27                                                              Trendy 

                                 Book Titles 

for                                                        Writers 

of                          Romance                              In 


1.            Your looks poked my heart and blocked my senses.
2.            And They Liked Happily Ever After.
3.            Love at First Meme
4.            The Instagrammed Beauty.
5.            You Had Me At Your Linkedin Profile.
6.            A Tweet Love Story.
7.            Free Wifi and You Always Make Me Happy.
8.            You Are The USB To My Happiness.
9.            Let’s Spool Our Differences And Troll Our Miseries.
10.          You Are The Soft Copy of My Emotions.
11.          Your Smile Trends My Happiness.
12.          Your Love is My DP
13.          The Miss Who Sold Her Kiss For A iPhone.
14.          Your absence hurts me more than a bad wifi.
15.          The Valentine Day Virus
16.          When Jealousy Hacked My Love Story.
17           Your Smile Hacked My Bank Account.
18.          When You Spammed Me With Your Kisses.
19.          Your Happy Moments Are My System Files.
20.          The Charged Love
21.          I Sent You A Friend Request Not A Love Letter.
22.          Beauty in A Broken Mobile Screen.
23.          No RAM Is Enough For Your Love.
24.          He Loved Her Like A Fire Wall.
25.          My Internal Memory Is Full Of Your Thoughts.
26.          You Are The Instagram Filter For Love.
27.          Your Selfie Makes My Face A Smiley.

                                If you want more such titles, you can abuse me to your heart’s content in the comments section below, I will be obligated to obliquely oblige you.


  1. thoughtful interesting post sharing

  2. Really crackling ones.
    Can I add-
    1. Ms. Goldrush and the nerd
    2. Friends with benefits
    3. Friendships made on FB, broken by TV
    and more such


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