Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Philosophy of Mutton Biryani

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Mutton Biryani is more than a dish it is a way of life. Here are a few satire thoughts on Mutton Biryani.

God created Man? Man Created God!!!... then for ages nothing happened, till one genius came up with the recipe for mutton biryani.

You can consider yourself a true lover of Mutton Biryani, if you choose Hell over Heaven just because the devil offered you a plate of Mutton Biryani.

God and Devil can be friends, West can meet the East but Vegetable and Biryani should never be mentioned together.

Brutus would have been loyal to Caesar if only he had offered him Mutton Biryani regularly.

I don’t mind taking the road less travelled but Mutton Biryani is the only Biryani I will ever have.

When the first mutton biryani was served, the first man who ate it remarked `A small bite for man but a giant leap for mankind in cuisines”

Biryani is a dish for mutton, by mutton and off Mutton.

If Marie Antonette had remarked `If they don’t have food, Get them Mutton Biryani to eat” French Revolution would have never taken place.

The man who sold his Ferrari for a plate of mutton biryani is the next bestseller book.

Mona Lisa was looking at a plate of Mutton Biryani when Leonardo da Vinci was painting

You can make everyday a Sunday if you have a plate of Mutton Biryani

If you want to live and not just exist, have a plate of Mutton Biryani regularly.

Counting calories when having a plate of Mutton Biryani and considering water as Non Vegetarian because fishes swim in it are one and the same 

 It is not years in your life, It is the smiles in the life which count. Similarly, it is not the amount of food we consume in our life time, it is what percentage of it has been mutton biryani that counts

A man is known by the shoes he wears, and the honesty of a man is known by the way he eats a well prepared Mutton Biryani.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ....awesome thoughts Sir, i think the secret behind Monnalisa'a smile is now revealed.
    Very interesting post.


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