Saturday, 23 May 2020

Hatred Against Tik Tok Is Just A Class Subjugation, And There Lies The Opportunity For Liberals


Many things are being held against Tik-Tok these days. One of them is that it is a national security threat. National security interests are non-negotiable, and if it is true, this app and any app which poses such a risk must be banned. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT'S BAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPORTANT FROM NATIONAL INTEREST 

The regurgitated arguments against it are, the content on Tik-Tok is unimaginative; it spreads hatred, superstition, fake news, and vulgarity. This fact is undeniable. The material these days on YouTube, TV channels and print media are no better. Tik-Tok is just the T-10 version of the existing media. Tiktok is one of the many such platforms. The name Tiktok is used as a representative of similar apps and is not its endorsement per=se. 

 Tik-Tok is not my forte. I can never be a creator of content on Tik Tok because I neither have the attitude, aptitude, nor inexactitude to do so. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I received a lot of Tik-Tok videos from friends, colleagues, and family. A Tik Tok video should not be viewed with the mind of a connoisseur. Tik-Tok Videos are made by patrons who have neither the means nor the time nor the intellect to make a critically acclaimed content.

Upper Middle Class hates Tik-Tok Users, especially that section of the upper-middle class which is narrow-minded, lacks critical thinking, is parochial, and are hypocrites of the highest order. They are jealous of the fact that the lower middle class has got a medium of expression. Upper Middle Class is under the false impression that all the intellect is their privy. Shattering this misconception is essential. Tik-Tok as of now is a medium to showcase PJs, dance moves, and mini-skits. The content creators are usually lower middle class, people in primary professions, homemakers, and teenagers.

Tik–Tok can be used to revive liberal ideologies on the verge of extinction. It can be used as a useful tool to spread social awareness, restore communal harmony, raise awareness on environment, improve scientific temperament, explain the process of creating economic inequalities, demask historical distortion, and expose fake news. Tik-Tok is the best option available to detoxify the thought process of the society because it is going to reach the masses.

The larger population cannot read lengthy books to imbibe the principles of democracy and communal harmony. They cannot understand the threat to the environment or appreciate scientific temperament as dished out in the conventional media. They don’t possess the critical thinking abilities to decipher the distortion of history and impious dissemination of fake news.  Enlightenment of the masses is possible only through new age mediums like Tik-Tok. The ball is firmly in the court of the intellectuals. The intellectuals who care for equality in the society can step in and develop content on Tik-Tok, which is factual, precise and sleek. The question is whether they can gather their wits, and return it for a winner. The vital thing to note is that the cost of making a Tik-Tok video is minimum, but its reach is maximum.

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