Friday, 22 August 2008

Once you are dead

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“Once you are dead nobody remembers you and when you fail/falter very few care for you, there is nothing more important than you”. Sounds a very harsh statement to make, but life has taught me this over and again. This blog is not for the spiritually inclined but those who want material success and happiness.

Except grossly breaking ethics and betraying one’s motherland, I think it is fair for us to pursue anything to be happy and successful. There is no place for sacrifices in this world unless you are a lamb. Even they have the animal right guys to fight for them but nobody is there to protect the sacrifice of human emotions that takes place day in and day out in our lives. We have to guard ourselves against being sacrificed because there is no point in crying over spilt milk. We have to learn not to fall into the trap of sweet talking selfish people.

I am not against using people. Get used but ensure that it is mutual. There is no free lunch in this world. In today’s world, you don’t get what you deserve but what you negotiate. There are a billion of people out there who want to use you in the name of friendship and later discard. The difficult task is to avoid the friendship of a billion people but the easier way out is being one among them. There is no harm in being a Roman when you are in Rome.

Learn to negotiate everywhere in the outside world for your own happiness. Otherwise, when their purpose is done with or if you fail in life, most of them will discard you like an used tissue paper. Encash your cheque when the account is still in operation not after it is closed. No amount of crying or ranting or going down on the knees in front of such individuals will fetch you any sympathy but stern words which question of your intentions for being good.

Never mind if you have to play politics in office place if it gets you the required success. Even if you don’t play politics with others there is no guarantee that nobody else will dish out the same stuff to you. You don’t get anything for being noble at office space except self pity. There are two ways of going up in a office place; one you take the long arduous route of working sincerely up the ladder (I am all for it) and another by pointing out others mistakes. Have a judicious mix of these attributes, of-course with a heavy mix of the first route. Never let go your colleague’s mistakes (official only) just because he or she pretends to be your good friend. Keep a note of them, you may require it in the future.

I know this blog would seem to be negative but I have learnt that everything is not fair in this world and we need to play devil in real life more often than not. Even the most noblest of the souls many a times suffer and die, why should we mere mortals worry? Just go ahead and find your material success and happiness.

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