Saturday, 15 November 2008

Mr Hayden we dont need foreign assistance in demeaning India

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Mr. Mathew Hayden one of the members of the vanquished Australian cricket team has called India “a third world country”. This is on a day when the Indian tri-color was proudly placed on the Moon by Chandrayaan-1.

I quote him “Often we find ourselves with hands on hips waiting for someone to either “face up” or someone in the sightboard to move away; all the little frustrations that happen in Third World countries

I abhor anybody who calls India a third world country. How would Mr. Hayden feel if we called Australia as “a land of convicts”? Possibly, he would file a racist complaint against the speaker. If Hayden calling “India as a third world country” is acceptable, then what is wrong with the supposed “monkey” remarks which were supposed to have been made against a team-mate of his? Monkey is a common word in India for anybody who irritates.

On expected lines, BCCI has kept mum. After all they kept a mum when Gautam Gambhir was banned for a test match by Mr. Chris Broad and they also kept mum when the same match referee fined Ponting just 20% match fees instead of banning him for slow over rate.

ICC presidency is more important than fairness of justice.

Ensuring the participation of stars like Mathew Hayden and Ricky Ponting in IPL is more important than the national development being slurred.

Having the support of Cricket Australia to strangulate the growth of ICL is more important than national pride.

What concern the BCCI are its coffers and annihilation of ICL, other things can wait. Dil ki awaz bole mange paisa more.

Hope the Government of India wakes up and atleast sends a verbal rejoinder to the Australian Government to refrain her distinguished citizens from demeaning other countries. We have enough authors desperate for Booker to demean the country, no need for foreign assistance on the subject.

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