Tuesday, 24 June 2014

21 T-Shirt Slogan Ideas for Bangaloreans

1.       My friend trusted the road on a drizzling day and got drowned in a pothole
2.       Even my shadow has learned to `Adjust Madi’.
3.       Drive on the wrong side to reach a place early.
4.       Bangalore has atleast one pub per pothole
5.       I carry a backpack full of coins while travelling by a BMTC bus
6.       I wish the country progressed at the rate a Bangalore auto meter  ticks
7.       Namma Metro will grow by itself.
8.       Potholes are the new lakes of Bangalore.
9.       Roof over the head is passé, aim for an exclusive parking place.
10.   We are proud of our garbage.
11.   Bangalore weather and girls are subject to change without notice
12.   Deadend in Bangalore does not mean end of road.
13.   Footpaths are not for pedestrians.
14.   Driving and talking is the best neck exercise.
15.   You cannot avoid death and traffic jams.
16.   Atleast 4 localities have the same name.
17.   Bonded labour is illegal but tenants are no better.
18.   Terms like stone throw distance and affordable prices are best ignored.
19.   KFC is a bus stop.
20.   Only cattle and dogs  give way to ambulances.

21.   BESCOM brightens your  day by keeping the streetlights on.


  1. Hahaha! Balu! You NEED to hook up with a T-Shirt manufacturer :)

  2. Quite an inspired list, even the odd 21!



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