Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Why Buying A Car and Later Learning to Drive Was The Boldest Decision I Took?

These days I have started car pooling when returning from office. It has been six years since I brought a car and nearly 5 ½ years since I started driving. Does that seem a bit odd? Yes, but not if you know that I had attended only two driving classes when I purchased it.
Come 14th of this month, it will be six years since my brother-in-law drew home, the red beauty. Let me explain, why buying a car was the boldest decision of my life? During 2007, I tried to learn driving and joined a driving class. It took only 2 classes for me to realize that car driving was not my cup of tea. I cursed the sadist mindset of the guy who kept brake next to the accelerator, and quit learning to drive.
To reattempt learning to drive, I was as reluctant as a stoned dog; as allergic as an acute bronchitis patient and definitely as willing as a goat being led to the altar. However, the need and pressure (from her highness) to buy a car became too much to stave off. With my limited means, I could not afford to employ a driver. Only option left was to learn to drive a car.
I’m the sort of guy who would never read a book if borrowed from the office library but would burn the midnight oil to do so, if I bought it. The same technique I decided to apply to cure car-o-phobia. I went ahead, took a loan, booked a car and later joined driving classes.
Having spent close to 5 lakhs to buy a car, I could not keep it idle at home. I had to learn to accept that the fact that you have to suppress the clutch to change gears. I agreed with the fact that accelerator and break being next to each other was not a sadist thought but a lesson in life which kept you in check, just like debit and credit columns being adjacent in an accounts book.

Learning driving was not an easy task. You learn from these driving schools, as much as, you learn about kissing from the bollywood films of 70’s. I finally found my Guru in a colleague of mine, Mr Kannadasan. He took the pain of teaching driving to an individual, who could not understand that the purpose of the dam steering wheel is to turn it when required.
        I would have never learnt to drive a car if I had not first purchased, and that too one which was heavy on the pocket. It could have gone horribly wrong and I would have lost lots of money, needless to say the social stigma but thankfully the Gamble paid off. Today I drive to office, functions and to meet friends. I am yet to drive on a highway maybe that is the next bold decision I will have to take. I must compliment Mr Kannadasan, my driving guru who was there for me just like https://housing.com/in is there for many home, PG or service apartment seekers.

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