Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Most Memorable Day Of Our Lives With Friends And Relatives

       We got married on October 30, 2000 and are childless. Hence, there have been very few occasions to call over relatives and friend for a party at home. We did have our gruhapravesh  during 2006 but that was more a public event and never got a chance to interact with the guests nor serve non-vegetarian food. Our Tenth Anniversary provided the best occasion to fulfill this desire.

       To begin with, we decided that the celebrations would be held on a Sunday to ensure maximum participation and that it would be a lunch. Next we decided upon the menu, which was an easy task given that all the short-listed guests were non-vegetarians, and there is hardly any religious custom which prevents you from eating non-vegetarian on a Sunday unless and until you’re a vegetarian. The menu was very simple, Chicken Soup; Mutton Biryani; Chicken Kabab; White Rice; Rasam; and Payasam. We booked a cook who is quite an expert in preparing non vegetarian dishes especially mutton biryani.

       Next was to decide on the guest list, we froze upon a list of 100 consisting of friends, relatives and a couple of colleagues but expected only 70 or 80 to turn up. However, we decided to go ahead prepare for 100 people. The mutton was purchased from AK Mutton Stall (Stall No.67) in Russel Market, Shivajinagar, from whom we (my father) have been buying since 40 plus years.

       The D-day finally arrived and the cooking started at around 9.a.m. The simmering of the masalas indicated that it was going to be a grand feast. Around 1 pm, guests started trickling in one by one, and almost all of whom we had called turned up. Each and every food item was well prepared, thanks to the cook. Food started disappearing thick and fast, I decided better I have my bite before it’s too late. I would never let go a chance to have mutton biryani even if it means a late coming guest will have to go hungry. Luckily nothing of that happened and everybody who had turned up got to have a hearty eat. It was a great atmosphere to see so many happy faces. There was a lot of leg pulling going on between the relatives and it was a joy to listen to the funny exchanges. Luckily, nobody went overboard and spoilt the atmosphere.

       Food was over and after a few photographs; the guests started leaving one by one. A few of the relatives stayed back. My sister-in-law had bought a cake and it was time to cut it. I was just waiting for my wife to finish her part of the cutting and after that hell broke loose. The cake was smeared on each other’s face; even small babies were not spared. Not even a single piece of cake was eaten but it was great fun. Washing the face itself took some time and a wonderful day came to hand after a few more hours of chatting. Our 10th Wedding anniversary celebrations will remain one of the most memorable and happiest days of our lives. It filled us with a lot of joy of happiness and enthusiasm for the next few weeks and most importantly it fulfilled our desire of arranging a party at home for friends and relatives. The experience was one which only can provide.

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