Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Compilation of Jokes on Marriage and Wives That Nobody Will Laugh (Part III)

After marriage, a girl from being a Miss becomes a Mrs.
Boy from Dude to Dud..

You cheat God thousands of times.
But God is so kind, 
He doesn't punish you everytime..
He just gets you MARRIED.

Marriage, Marriage, the longest surviving mirage.
Nowdays it begins as garden of urge, later becomes a ring of umbrage
Having babies is the default result
Rearing them is the life long effect.
Remaining committed is the vow
Doing so in devil’s paradise is the woe.
Like my relatives and unlike yours is a couple’s mantra
Commenting adversely on them is the agenda
Mutual distrust is what they share
Ego massaging is what they care
Marriage, Marriage, the long surviving mirage
Arranged or love, without emotional bondage
It turns an emotional sacrilege
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My wife is a strong believer of Vastu Shastra.
Whenever we have a fight,
she lifts any "Vastu" and
uses it as a "Shastra"...
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All you need is love and a good fat income to keep the love going.

Girl : Who is more beautiful, me or the full moon?
Boy: Definitely you my darling.
Girl : tell me the reason or I shall not be flattered
Boy: Ok, your face is more smoother than the moon' s surface
Moral : Dont search reason in a flaterring remark or you may be faultered.
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Top of Form
.A key to a successful married is both husband and wife should be patient, if either one of them is impatient.....
the husband lands up an in-patient .
LG to make smart fridges which will detect stale food. Husbands will finally get to eat fresh food.

When you fall in love, dont worry about failure, because you cant fail any further.

Facebook is a female, that is why it has provision only for likes.

 Having an ex-flame is ok, as long as you have doused the fire properly.

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