Monday, 23 May 2016

Global Warming and Traffic Sense

 I’m Hot
I’m hot said the sun
I replied, a cheeky pun
It sighed and said `you skewed nature’
I’ll make you feel a barbecued creature
I reasoned `I can’t eat or have fun’
Soon, like Christ, I’ll have to bear a fan.
It thundered, you cut the trees, occupied the lakes and chased the birds
I’ll make your skin dark, throats quack and bowels crack.
I pleaded it was my forefathers
It said, natures graves are your homes.
When you can inherit their properties
Pay for their follies
It’s my power play
Lets play, I’m hot and you’re my prey

Traffic Sense
Traffic Sense
What nonsense?
They make their road
Save thy throat
respecting signals is insulting
 to their buffalo skin coating
Quick passage is their birth right
Giving way is your birth right.
Making way for ambulance is prude
Zigzag driving makes them dude
One day with broken bones
A miserable few realize traffic rules
Are not made for fools
Blessed few, being human, powerful
After mowing, human handful
Get sympathy, bail and not guilty paper

Easier than Candy, e-mail and hot jalebi platter 

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  1. So, another talent of yours, Balu. Such anguish, in both. Terrific.


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