Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ecstasy and Gravity, The Two Sides Of Life

Ecstasy v Gravity
Life is all about ecstasy and gravity
Ecstasy is getting your salary
Gravity is EMI taking your last penny
No one feels ecstatic, paying service tax for dinning
Everyone will feel gravity more, when it’s for valet parking
Ecstasy is making fun about religion, society and yourself
Gravity is realizing you can joke only about yourself
Ecstasy is about a dream of having good days in every aspect
Gravity is about realizing good day is a brand of biscuit
Settling down in life after all the struggle in life is ecstasy.
Marrying to make it better, is the conspiracy of gravity.
Ecstasy is marriage doubling your relations
Gravity is relations troubling your marriage.
Ecstasy is always reaching office on time
Gravity is boss never being on time
Ecstasy is boy proposing to the girl he desires
Gravity is the girl saying `wait till he abdicates’
Ecstasy is a crying kid going to play home
Gravity is a weeping parent going to old age home.
Ecstasy is when weekend arrives
Gravity is when Monday strikes
Ecstasy is buying an imported luxury car
Graving is driving it on a road without Tar
To get drenched in Bengaluru rain is ecstasy
To not notice an open drain is enticing gravity.


  1. Wow !!!! interesting.Liked it a lot.

  2. Gravity does keep us grounded lest we fly away in ecstasy!!!


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