Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Horlicks Immunity Indiblogger Meet in Bengaluru on May 8, 2016

A blogger meet. A blogger meet on a Sunday evening on Mother’s Day. A blogger meet on a Sunday evening at Taj Vivanta, the premium five star hotel of Bengaluru. A blogger meet on a Sunday evening at Taj Vivanta organized by Horlicks wherein you’re allowed to bring your kid along. I did not require a better invitation to attend the meet. With my niece Navya in stride, we drove to the meet and were welcomed warmly by the indiblogger team. The new indipass shows how technologically farsighted the indiblogger team is and how technologically handicapped I’m, because I had quite a problem in locating my indipass in my email.
                We were welcomed with juice and beverages. While I decided to have some juice, Navya decided to down a cup of Horlicks, being her favourite drink.
                The meet started with the usual introductions by Zoombie and being Women’s Day the entire session was reserved for ladies. Next was the session by Jill Castle. It was not just a presentation on growth, it was a master class. Some of the aspects of dieting she spoke were not just for children but even grown ups. She eloquently spoke about the problems with nutrition in India. Then she suggested the ways and means to overcome nutrition problems. If there is anything which can overcome her talk in its wholesomeness, it is only Horlicks.
                Then there was a product presentation which I had to skip due to an urgent call and also most part of the panel discussion. I did catch a glimpse of the panel discussion wherein the lady spoke about the wholesomeness of Indian diets. How much we have moved away from our roots and searching for solace in other thought process which are so alien to us?
                Then there was a small quiz and I happened to be part of the winning team. The team members had carefully taken pics of some presentations and also google came in handy to answer a few questions. All the team members received, hefty gift vouchers from Flipkart. I gave my share to Navya as her birthday gift, which is coming up shortly.

                We had our dinner, collected the Horlicks goodies and headed home as clouds were pouring and cooling an otherwise hot Bengaluru. During the meet, got to make some new friends and renew a few old collections.

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