Thursday, 20 April 2017

Looking For Venture Capitalists To Invest In My Matriomonial Website Ideas

The inventor of internet would have never imagined one day it will become omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Today life without it cannot be conceived. Governments swear by it, and those who swear against the government also use it to swear against the government.
                When matrimony became available on the net, I first thought it was a fad that will die away without a trace; however, I was proved wrong. The growth of matrimony on Internet in India is only rivaled by memes. What is pitiable is the plethora of community based matrimonial websites that are available. C’mon give me a break, people use a technological invention made by a person who doesn’t belong to their community, to keep alive their community.

                I hate community based marriages next only to fairness creams. Marriage is just a meeting of bodies to continue the human race, emotions apart. If I was a billionaire, I would create a plethora of matrimonial websites which would go like this:-
i.                     Free wifi hunters please
ii.                   Vegans who hate vegetarians
iii.                  Part time vegetarians get
iv.                 Grammar nazi met your
v.                   Party Gate Crashers get
vi.                 Duck Faced Selfie Fans Get
vii.                Snap chat users
viii.              Get Drunk and remain wedded. Com
ix.                 Indian Best Selling Authors Fans Make Your big
x.                   Momos Lovers Shaadhi Kar le .com
xi.                 DSLR Dummy Photographers Get
xii.                Startup Owners Start Living together. Com
xiii.              Cab Sharers Share Your
xiv.              Online Discount Seekers Get
xv.               Pathetic Marathon Runners Start A Life Marathon .com
xvi.              Sanskar Abusers Get A

These matrimonial websites seem a better idea of matching couples than based on caste, community, language, region and religion. Any VCs looking to invest in any one of these websites can leave behind an abuse in the comments column, I shall get in touch with you.

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