Monday, 24 April 2017

Mark Twain Throws Hints On How You Can Use Crowds To Control Opinion?

                Have you noticed the fake ring seller or the spurious herb seller? Have you not read about the ponzi scheme owner vanishing into thin air with crores of money of people? Are we not witness people believing fiction when it is told forcefully and with all oratory in command? Are we not aware of people being promised the moon, getting themselves into a crater, and accepting that as moon, because they believe the person who’s telling it?
                Why do they do it? Only because they don’t know how to critically analyse what is being told to them. Also some of the pathological liars are able to create such a hype and backed by vociferous supporters that what is being told is true, and those who don’t believe it are anti-society. Such people may seem mad but they are not.
                Read this passage from `A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ by Mark Twain, you will appreciate how critical is critical thinking in a society or else the society’s mental heal will become critical.

                I had to put myself in Sandy’s place to realize that she was not a lunatic. Yes, and put her in mine to demonstrate how easy it is to seem a lunatic to a person who has not been taught as you have been taught. If I had told Sandy, I had seen a wagon, uninfluenced by enchantment, spin along fifty miles an hour, had seen a man, unequipped with magic powers, get into a basket and soar out of sight among the clouds, and had listened, without any necromancer’s help to the conversation of a person who was several hundred miles away. Sandy would not merely have supposed me to be crazy; she would have thought she knew it. Everybody around her believed in enchantments, nobody had any doubts, to doubt that a castle could be turn into a sty, and its occupants into hogs.

                The last sentence is very crucial. Crowd controls the opinion of most people, and if you can control the crowd through typical methods, you can continue to fool people for all times.

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