Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Why Well Informed People Go Silent At Times? The Ill Informed Need to Evalute Their Choices

Often well informed become silent in the wake of mass hysteria, or abuse for dissenting opinion or when binary arguments become order of the day. They know they can never make the arguments acerbically nor they can invoke passions to convince others of their arguments.
Mark Twain has beautifully summarized this predicament in his novel `A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’
        Everybody around her believed in enchantments, nobody had any doubts; to doubt that a castle could be turned into a sty, and its occupants hogs, would have been the same as my doubting among Connecticut people the actuality of the telephone and its wonders and in both cases would be absolute proof of a diseased mind, an unsettled reason. Yes, Sandy was sane; that must be admitted. If I also would be sane-to Sandy-I must keep my superstitions about  unenchanted and unmiraculous locomotives, balloons, and telephones, to myself. Also, I believed that the world was not flat, and hadn’t pillars under it to support nor a canopy over it to turn off a universe of water that occupied all space above; but as I was the only person in the kingdom afflicted with such impious and criminal opinions. I recognised that it would be good wisdom to keep quiet about this matter, too, if I did not wish to be suddenly shunned and forsaken by everybody as a madman

        It is not just the duty of the well informed to speak up, it is a bigger duty on part of the ill informed to re-evaluate the choices they have made, the people they have believed, the promises that were made, how much of that has been fulfilled, and what is the reality. IF WE KEEP FALLING IN THE SAME TRAPS OR FOR the SAME LIES, WE ARE GOING TO BE HEADED NOWHERE. CRITICAL THINKING IS ENOUGH, NO NEED FOR AN INTELLECT.

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