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Movie Review : Tomb Raider (2018) : The Alicia Vikander Show

Movie Review :- Tomb Raider (2018)

                The movie is a fresh breeze of air, finally  an action movie which involves human strength and guile. Action movies of late have become a gizmo show. This movie has a believable storyline, breathtaking locales, kick ass action and characters grounded in reality.

                The Heroine , Alicia Vikander, is an Oscar Award Winner. The character portrayed by her is ruthless, self-reliant and a non-superwoman. Everything is human about her yet she is so strong and full of grit and determination. Alicia has toiled every bit to get the mean and modern look to Lara Croft who was either to objectified but Alicia has cut the glamour portion off and made Lara Croft tough and as hard as nails. Watch this video to find out how she has toiled to get the eight pack abs

                The story is predictable and not even one twist which makes you believe that she might lose it all. The Villain looks to be one from amongst us. The fox hunt sequence has its own share of gigs and sighs.

                The story is hunt for Himiko’s Tomb and that itself is a reflection of the times we live in. The action sequences are breathtaking. One of the final dialogues Lara says to Vogel before pushing him off the cliff and into a chasm `You messed with the wrong family’ will continue to resonate in mind for a long time.

                A movie worth watching, the revolutionary change in Lara Croft is contemporary and most welcome.

Plot: 5/10, Locales : 8/10, Action Sequences : 9/10, Heroine: Can I go beyond 10?

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  1. Heroine: Can I go beyond 10? 😂😂 Awesome 👏


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