Sunday, 29 March 2020

What Is The Name Of The Fourth Son

Someone’s mother has four sons. North, South and East. What is the name of the fourth son. Private message me the name of the fourth son. If you lose, you have to repost.
I lost to............................
If you have not read this riddle at anytime during the Corona Lockdown on your Facebook timeline, it means you are practising social distancing even on social media.
Never before in the history of mankind has a punctuation mark and reading between the lines been so important.

They should ban capital punishment, and instead subject the convicts to such riddles, I will bet you my last Kingfisher share err bottle, the convict himself will plead the Honourable President for capital punishment.

One of these days I want to lose to all those putting this riddle on their status, and tag all of them in a single post so that Facebook ensures that I never gets to see this riddle.

All said and done, it is not extinct, this COVID-19 oops this riddle. Let me come to the point, how are we going to overcome COVID-19, err. How to ensure that this riddle is removed off Facebook. That was a bad joke but not as epic as this riddle.

Have you ever wondered, what if a person is really named `What”. What will be his problems dealing with such a name? But What to do, all that you can think about is to defeat your friends and family by exploiting the clever use of punctuation marks in the sentence `What is the name of the fourth son”.

This, is the story of Someone’s Mother’s Fourth Son, Mr. What. He was aware how much turmoil his name was causing on social media. He often lead an anonymous life to avoid abuses from those who lost the contest trying to guess that What was his name.

Mr. What once went to a city on his business, don’t ask what business. He had his booking in an undisclosed hotel. The name of the hotel was not disclosed at the request of its ex-owners. When he reached the hotel, the name of the hotel shocked him. It was ` Hotel North, South, and East But We Don’t Know What Is The Name Of The Fourth Son?’. Mr. What knew what was the problem, and what were the reasons why the ex-owners had asked that the name of the hotel should not be disclosed to him. By Providence, there was only one `King Suite’ in the hotel, and he had booked it.

He tried to be diplomatic, went inside, and asked the receptionist ` Miss Whatever your name is, What number of King Suites you have in your hotel?’

Receptionist `Of What concern is that to you?”

`What is the harm in telling me’


`Ok, I have a booking of that for one week’

Receptionist in a vengeful tone `What is your name!’

`What is my name’

`Mr, does COVID -19 affect brains, I am very serious , What is your name?’

`I solemnly affirm that, What is my name’

Receptionist ` Ok, show me your Citizens ID’

Mr.What shows his Citizens ID, and it is clearly written, Name: What, Mother Name: Someone’s Mother.

The receptionist lifts her head, gnashing his teeth like a `B-grade Bollywood Villain of the 70’s and asks `Are you that What!!! I have lost two times because of you to my friends, and from the hotel owner, I have become its receptionist’

`How could you lose twice on the same riddle?’

`It is because of your mistake’

Mr What `What? I cannot believe it. Whatever it is give me the room keys’

`Mr. What, you know what you will not get what you want’

`What do you mean, I have booked it well in advance, and paid for it through Whatsapp’

The receptionist, this time managing the look of Dracula, from Ramsay Brothers movie replied `Sure, you will get what you deserve, Mr What’

`Ok, What is the check out timings?’

`You have already been checked out, and now get out’

Mr What walked out of the hotel, and he could hear the receptionist lamenting `What I was, What have I become just because I could not what was the name of the fourth son’

Mr What went to another hotel, stayed there, and came back to his home town.

What & The Bulb

After many weeks, One day, Mr What went to buy a LED bulb. He went to the shop, and asked the guy at the counter `Give me three LED bulbs for a mid-sized living room’

Guy at the counter `What is the size of the room’

Mr What `Did you use a full stop or a question mark at the end of room?’

The counter guy never knew the importance of punctuation marks, and replied `It was a full stop’

Mr What replied `What is my name, it is not the size of my living room.’

The shopkeeper with raised eyebrows asked `Are you the descendant of Mr. James Watt?’

`No but I am equally famous on the social media because of a riddle in my name’

The face of the guy at the counter turned red, just like the Bollywood Hero of 80’s to whom the name of the killers of his parents have been revealed, and he enquired in a menacing tone `Are you that What?’

`Yee...sss, but what do you know about that What?’

`Not much except that because of that riddle having your name, my sister from a hotel owner became its receptionist’

`What is my fault if she loses two times on the same riddle, that too her property’

`You should have notified that you have changed your changed name back to What’

`But how do you know that I changed my name from What’

`My brother-in-law worked in the Citizens ID Department’

`I did once but the social media would not accept it because they would lose their most favourite riddle to which most of their friends lost. They made a public petition online, and compelled me to change my name back to Mr What. Tell me, What prevented your brother-in-law from informing you that I have changed my name back to What’

`What to say, he had divorced my sister by then agitated at her lack of intelligence’

`and because My Sister didn’t know this, she again gave the wrong answer, lost her hotel and became its receptionist’

`Can I have the bulbs?’

`I can give you but on your head, get lost’

Mr. What finally bought it online.

Mr What has requested Netizens through me to have some sympathy on him, and stop this riddle online or else he will authorise me to post more of his What Adventures. The choice is yours, What is your choice ? Or ! Or .


Brickbats or Boquets I accept them all, vent it out here!

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