Monday, 25 August 2008

Look who is talking Constitution

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Nightlife in Bangalore is banned after 11:30 pm and so also are discotheques. The Police Commissioner contends that his reduced the crime rate in night times. The same is debatable but this blog is to focus on profusion of Constitution by a regional outfit in a discussion on this subject conducted recently by a popular English news channel. This regional outfit has done its share of good work to the state, the recent one being raiding a rave party on the outskirts of the city. They compelled the police to apprehend the concerned and kudos to the work done by this regional outfit. They have the own share of glitches with the law mostly done to drive home their point of regional supremacy. This is what the spokesperson of this regional outfit spoke on the channel:-
There is a need to respect the Constitution by one and all.
We should be law abiding citizens
Our assertion of rights should not hurt others.
We should have civic sense.
A women appearing/dancing in half naked dress is wrong (Wonder why they don’t haul up the local filmmakers who do a much worse depiction of woman in their films).

This is not about only this regional outfit but the entire range of them across the country. We all know what is the record of regional outfits on the above points? Most of their agenda border on secession.

An elderly gentleman on the show asked this question but the spokesperson just nodded his head. The moderator also for reasons best known to her did not quiz the spokesman on this point. Hopefully, the nod is an assurance that in future they will practice what they preach for others.

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