Monday, 25 August 2008

A stock tip

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It was late 2003, when Indian stock markets were about to boom. Anybody with a limited knowledge of how stocks operate could easily pick a stock which can give you 25-30% return in a very short term. I was fairly proficient in picking stocks and had a lot of “FrIeNdS” who used to call me up frequently for stock tips. One of them was an esteemed colleague of mine who wanted a stock tip every day. I had enough of this guy and wanted to get rid of me. I decided to give him a dose of my dry humor and was waiting for his call.

It was a Monday morning, when this guy called me up and started with his usual “plastic pleasantries” and came to his point “Any good picks?, Balu”.

Me “Yeah, sure, sure, there is a great pick and it is a multinational”
He “What is the name of the company and what line of business they are in”
Me “Sort of they create needs for new infrastructure and security equipments in countries wherever they go. Their model of business also creates lot of business for the health industry”
He “How many countries they are in?”
Me “No exact idea but they are fast expanding but everybody is after them”
He “FIIs”
Me “No even the internal agencies errr.. I mean investors”
He “How is the business model?”
Me “Very good ya, wherever they implement their plans, they create a huge impact, the first major one was in 2001 in US” (I hope everyone has guessed what I am talking about). The name of the company is TTC”
He “What TTC?”
Me: (laughing out) Taliban Trading Corporation, invest karega kya?.

Very sheepishly he kept the phone down and till date has not called me back for more than 3 years. He also avoids my path when we come across in the corridor. Now that is what I call is a Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

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