Thursday, 28 August 2008

Pathetic state of a prominent road in Bangalore, India

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This video clipping is taken at JC Road, Bangalore opposite Fun World. This video was taken on 28/08/2008 at around 9:15 am after the overnight showers. This video clipping was taken from a moving bus through a mobile by an amateur. Hence, kindly apologise the poor video quality. Coming to the video clipping the following points may be noted:-

a. JC Road is en-route to the Bangalore International Airport and any traffic obstruction here can affect the movement of traffic to BIA.

b. JC Road is not a low lying area and has a lot scope for the drainage to be improved. It is just that drainage has never been maintained properly.

The state of other roads in Bangalore may not be better given the apathy and indifference towards infrastructure by the authority assigned this responsibility viz., Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike. This is the picture across prominent cities in the country because there is no accountability for these civic bodies. We have to pay our taxes and suffer from bad roads, non-draining storm water drains and encroached footpaths. Wonders, when our cities will become a decent place to live. Kennedy made the famous statement “Don’t ask what the country has done; Ask what you have done for your country?” He meant that in a country where the rulers have accountability but ours is a country where the Citizen has not got his Fundamental Rights and the Government does not believe in discharging its duties, expecting accountability is a far fetched dream, I suppose.

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