Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The smiling beauties of Indian films

A good smile can make an heroine a super star for ages. To me and most Indians, Madhuri Dixit has the ultimate all round smile. Her smile looks very natural in all situations, be it as a teasing lover in HAHK or seductive wife in Beta. The magic of a Madhuri smile will continue to excite me even if she turns 60. Down south, only Simran has that all round smile.

There have been other heroines whose smile is bewitching in its own right. Urmilla innocent yet seductive smile in the song “Yeh Ram Kya huan” from Rangeela gave me (many men, I suppose) many a sleepless nights. So did Juhi Chawala in “Bol Radha Bol”

Kajol has a very girlish smile so does Sonali Bendre. Down south, Jothika has a very girlish and captivating smile. Rakishta beats all the heroines down south when it comes to a girlish smile.

The most voluptuous smile I have seen is that of the Malayalli film actress “Vani Vishwanath”. Those twinkling of eyes on that broad frame still sends current across my body. Of today’s heroines the same can be said of the southie Namitha and in bollywood, Lara Datta. In Kannada, Radhika has that type of voluptuous smile.

The most artificial smile award should go to Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Deepika Padukone. There is nothing in the eyes to make it look genuine.

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