Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Such an eyesore that SIZE ZERO

Size Zero is the in-thing today for today’s women. A size zero is an eye sore for most men. The sight of a hitherto well endowed wearing a bikini and her skull bones exposed was a nauseating sight for me. A shrunk-in top is such a deflating proposition for me. The only emotion such a female would evoke is compassion and not passion.

An average man can be attracted only to a healthy looking female Size zero females look pathetically sick. A healthy looking female does not mean a corridor filling hip. Most size zeros are achieved by artificial means and from the health point of view is fatal in the long run. There is a sea of difference between a slim female and a size zero. Some of us are born genetically slim, that’s ok, as long as we are healthy. Punishing our body and natural systems to attain a size zero seems to be far fetched. Then again, everybody is the queen of their own destiny.

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